Black Coffee

Ella Fitzgerald
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I'm feeling mighty lonesome Haven't slept a wink I walk the floor and watch the door And in between I drink Black coffee Love's a hand me down brew I'll never know a Sunday In this weekday room I'm talking to the shadows 1 o'clock to 4 And Lord, how slow the moments go When all I do is pour Black coffee Since the blues caught my eye I'm hanging out on Monday My Sunday dream's too dry Now a man is born to go a lovin' A woman's born to weep and fret To stay at home and tend her oven And drown her past regrets In coffee and cigarettes I'm moody all the morning Mourning all the night And in between it's nicotine And not much hard to fight Black coffee Feelin' low as the ground It's driving me crazy just waiting for my baby To maybe come around My nerves have gone to pieces My hair is turning gray All I do is drink black coffee Since my man's gone away

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