Ella Fitzgerald - Dreamy

 Dinle  Dinle

Ask my why I have this smile upon my face
Ask my why a see a rainbow out in space

Well I must confess
You don't need a genius to guess
Its' because I'm dreamy over you

Ask me why this wiff of perfume fills the air
Ask me why the sound of music everywhere
Well I must reveal it comes from the glow that I feel
Just because I'm dreamy over you

From the first caress your gotcha ya ya, ya
Sent me realing, revealing a feeling, a falling
And setting my heart all ablaze

From the first caress I found a happines
I will treasure always

Now I know the joy I've never known before
It's the joy that comes from soneone that you adore
Ask me why and I have a very simple reply

It's because I'm dreamy over you

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