Isn't It a Pity (Remastered)

Ella Fitzgerald
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Why did I wander Here and there and yonder Wasting precious time For no reason or rhyme Isn't it a pity Isn't it a crime My journeys ended Everything is splendid Meeting you today Has given me a wonderful idea Here I stay It's a funny thing I look at you I get a thrill I never knew Isn't it a pity We never met before? Here we are at last It's like a dream The two of us A perfect team Isn't it a pity We never met before? Imagine all the lonely years you wasted Fishing for salmon Losing at backgammon What joys un-tasted My nights were sour Spent with Schopenhauer Let's forget the past Let's both agree That I'm for you And you're for me And it's such a pity We never, never met before (bridge) It's an awful pity We never, never met before

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Ella Sings the George & Ira Gershwin Songbook (Remastered)

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