Twenty Foreplay (Slow Jam video edit)

Janet Jackson
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Sleep my love Don't you worry You just sleep my love And I'll stroke your hair Oh the sunlight on your face As the day begins to break When you wake And your smile meets mine ah My day begins You're my inspiration Seeing your face glow Is the nicest of hellos Five till noon You sneak up from behind Kiss and caress me Make love to my mind A whisper and kiss from you Warms my heart Means so much Making love our way Begins early in the day You walk in the room In a sunset sort of room My emotions light up 'Cause of you Now that evening's come We're dressed for us my love Wine and candles puts us in a sexy mood That's when we get to it Close our eyes Feel our way though it I can't wait to groove ya 'Cause you sure know how to move it You've made love to my mind Now you gotta take me from behind Just like in the movies When the action begins Let's put on a show (Can't you feel it) And we'll take it nice and slow (Can't you feel it) Oh here we go (Can't you feel it) Tell me do you want the blindfold (Can't you feel it) Tell me what you like (Can't you feel it) Baby should I do it once or twice (Can't you feel it) I know that we've getting' naughty (Can't you feel it) But I know you like it like that Now that we felt this warm explosion I know you're satisfied (I know you're satisfied) I see it in your eyes (I see it in your eyes) Relax be still my love (Still my love) Let your heart slow down (Heart slow down) 'Cause I'm not through my dear Don't stop Remember twenty foreplay Can you feel it twenty foreplay I need it twenty foreplay I need it twenty foreplay You know I need it Yes I need it 24 hours a day Can you feel it 24 hours a day Can you feel it Twenty foreplay Not yet Its not what you say Before we start to play It's what you say after That makes me want to stay

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