Why Not Tonight

Reba McEntire
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(jon vezner, david stringfellow, nancy montgomery), this song was used on the movie, tremors Well pardon me but you have my attention Ever since you strolled into the room Believe me that it's not my intention If I appear to come on too smooth It's not like me to make such advances But this time baby I could not resist So if you're up for taking a chance on love I can't see a better time than this Chorus: So baby why not tonight This could be the start of something right Hey you can take it easy We can take it so slow We can take it anywhere that you'd like to go So baby why not tonight The stars are out and I'm sure they'll agree Oh it's a perfect night for falling in love So why not fall in love with me Oh maybe we could go out for some dinner And later on how we could do the town Ya know I consider myself a winner Just to have a boy like you around Then if you're up for doing some dancing Yeah I know a place they dance until the dawn Anything you like will be alright So why not take a chance and come along Repeat chorus (why not fall in love, why not fall in love, baby why not Fall In love with me)

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