I Believe in You and Me (Live from The 16th Annual World Music Awards)

Whitney Houston
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I believe in you and me I believe that we will be in love eternally Well, as far as I can see You will always be, the one, for me Oh, yes, you will, and I believe in dreams again I believe that love will never end And like the river finds the sea I was lost, now I'm a free 'Cause I believe in you and me I will never leave your side I will never hurt your pride When all the chips are down baby, then I will always be around Just to be right where you are, my love You know I love you, boy, I will never leave you out I will always let you in, boy Oh, baby, to places no one's ever been Deep inside can't you see, that I believe in you and me Maybe I'm a fool to feel the way I do I would play the fool forever Just to be with you forever I believe in miracles, and love's a miracle And yes baby, you're my dream come true I was lost, now I'm a free Oh, baby, 'cause I believe, I do believe in you and me See I was lost, now I'm free, cause I believe in you and me

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